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Music, Sound, Video Projects

death fugue: an uncovering

As a grad student at UT Dallas, I was a member of LabSynthE during the Spring 2016 semester. During that semester, the lab worked on an interactive multi-media art installation, which centered on Paul Celan’s poem Todesfuge. Celan was a Holocaust survivor. The installation aims to foster healing.

Below is:

  • a video of the project presentation at UT Dallas on Holocaust Remembrance Day (video by UTD Professor xtine burrough)
  • audio files of the orchestral piece I composed for the project
  • an historical audio recording of Paul Celan reciting his poem Todesfuge
  • a short, informal research/work document

“In the Glittering Starlight” (instrumental only)

“In the Glittering Starlight” is my original digital-music composition, which was an element of the initial iteration of the project shown in the video above. The composition is a MIDI orchestration, which I composed in MOTU’s Digital Performer, using an orchestral sample library of EastWest virtual instruments. After the piece was written in Digital Performer, I transferred the project audio files to Pro Tools, for mixing.

The title of the composition comes from a line of an English translation of the poem by UTD humanities professors Zsuzsanna Ozsváth and Frederick Turner:

he writes and he walks to the house in the glittering starlight he whistles his hounds to him / whistles his jews to him has us shovel a grave in the earth there / he tells us to strike up the dance

“In the Glittering Starlight” (revised instrumental with voice)

The ‘revised instrumental with voice’ audio file demonstrates how the viola line operates as a rhythmic translation of Paul Celan’s recorded oration of Todesfuge.

I created this informal work/research document for the lab, as a means to connect the lab members to Paul Celan and his poem.

Other project collaborators: Dr. Frank Dufour, Professor xtine burrough, Caleb Shafer, Francis Eyth, Yvan Tina, Clayton Harper, Ariel Comstock.

soundscape: from a lake to a city

For this project, I used a hand held zoom recorder and recorded on location around Lake Palestine near Tyler, Texas, and in downtown Dallas, Texas. Audio files were mixed using Pro Tools.

music for animated short films

For fun and practice, I composed a digital orchestral piece for the two animations below, scoring to visuals in Digital Performer, writing with Native Instruments virtual instruments software.

video art

liquid rock, lunar sun is a video art work made of four internet images. The images themselves (not their content, but the actual JPEG files) were shaped and animated using Pure Data, an open-source visual programming software. I composed the orchestral piece in MOTU’s Digital Performer, using Native Instruments virtual instruments software; ProTools was used for final audio mixing.

of luminous matter is a repurposing of the liquid rock, lunar sun video content. Additional video effects processing was completed in MAX MSP, a visual programming language for music and multimedia. The music composition was also created in MAX MSP.

production music compositions

I composed the music tracks below between 2007 and 2012. “Composing production music” means writing-recording instrumental parts, then mixing (‘leveling’) the recorded audio parts (‘stems’) together; and sometimes rewriting and re-mixing; rinse and repeat. The results are what you’ll hear below.